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DCIM is a term representing a suite of infrastructure solutions for Data Center management which, when properly deployed, can help IT personnel:

  • Locate, visualize and manage all of their physical assets within an integrated “single pane” view of the entire infrastructure
  • Automate the commissioning of new equipment, reducing the need for manual tasks
  • Automate capacity planning with unparalleled forecasting abilities
  • Visualize effects of Moves, Adds and Changes to the overall Data Center operations
  • Reduce energy consumption, energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Align IT to the needs of the business

An important objective for DCIM is an integrated approach to monitoring, where every aspect of the Data Center is monitored from a single source. Both IT and Facility equipment will be monitored, including their interrelationships, to give a holistic view of the Data Center Environment. The living, breathing 3D model gives you a rich understanding of – and control over – the complex web of interrelationships that exist between assets. And unleashes new opportunities to create efficiency and business value in the design, management, and optimization of the modern data center, thus providing a myriad of benefits.

Solutions for every environment

Toptech Engineering Limited has mastered the complexities of Data Center management. With our expertise in deploying leading DCIM solutions, including Commscope iTRACs, Emerson Trellis, and Sunbird dcTrack, along with custom integration middleware, we provide a DCIM solution suitable for each Data Center, regardless of size or scale.

We guarantee successful implementations to the satisfaction of the customer, along with dedicated support to ensure continuous value from your investment.

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