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Toptech Engineering Limited has the capability to design and deploy cooling for Data Centers using different types of cooling technologies - DX system, Chilled Water Systems, etc

Precision Cooling is a key requirement to ensure safe working conditions to datacenters, computer rooms and other equipment that simultaneously need a high sensible heat discharge and a precise temperature and humidity control.

Our solutions deliver a unique range of cabinet air coolers suitably designed to ensure performance and reliability. We offer flexible solutions and low running costs add value to the IT facility.


All our equipment are embedded with monitoring solutions to ensure the best control on energy and air conditioning within IT facilities.Communication to all protocols (Modbus, Bacnet, Lonworks, HTTP and SNMP are just a few of the available ones) enables the integration both with the BMS system and with the facility software.


The Precision Cooling Units team work within the same room is available thanks to the integrated Ethernet connection. The self-control of redundant units alternates the stand-by positions and gives priority to possible hot areas.

EC fans

Variable speed fans achieve a wide range of air delivery and static pressure. They ensure a correct air distribution even when the facility expands. Further installed devices need a higher cooling capacity.

Access control is changing in today’s security systems, it becoming more high profile and with the aid of software it is able to offer the end user more useful information. Introduction of new technologies and software have made installation easier and flexible and systems more effective. Selecting the correct access control system for your company is an important choice which can save you money. An access control system can be broken down into some very basic choices and considerations:

EC fans can increase the air delivery to meet the demand, thanks to the continuous regulation through the iCOM control. EC fans can even recover possible unexpected load losses due to new wiring or other elements inside the raised floor.

The special EC motors get the best performance vs. AC and DCmotors. They do not emit electromagnetic noises, as they do not use power delivered by frequency converters. Further, EC motors feature a consumption about 30% lower than the one by traditional AC motors.

Copeland Digital Scroll

Copeland Digital Scroll compressors combine the sturdiness of scroll compressors with the capacity of operating with varying load. When the traffic managed by the equipment faces sudden changes, the facility experiences thermal load peaks.

Copeland Digital Scroll compressors quickly follow the temperature and supply a load-balanced cooling capacity.

The Copeland Digital Scroll technology has no adverse effect on electronic equipment, unlike other solutions.

Thus, it can be used also in industries and sectors where sensible equipment - such as computers that must not be subject to any EMI - operate.


Cooling a computer room needs high power. Energy efficiency is the top target in Liebert Precision Cooling Units designing.

Over-sized heat exchangers and optimized aerodynamics allow one of the lowest energy consumption in the Precision Conditioning Cooling field.


Liebert Precision Cooling Units units take less space thanks to their reduced plan dimensions. The compact design still ensures the best performance thanks to fluido-dynamic analyses and several lab tests.

Free Cooling

Free cooling units minimize energy consumption. Working 365 days a year, they use the low winter temperature to cool the rooms, without using compressors.

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