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Structured Cabling Systems

What is structured cabling?

A structured cabling system is the wiring network that carries all the data, voice, multimedia, security, VoIP, PoE, and even wireless connections throughout the building or campus. It includes everything from the data center to the desktop, including cabling, connecting hardware, equipment, telecommunications rooms, cable pathways,work areas, and even the jacks on the wallplate in the office.

The importance of structured cabling

A structured cabling system is as important to the success of the organization as the people are who work in it.

A well-planned structured cabling system facilitates the continuous flow of information, enables the sharing of resources, promotes smooth operations, accommodates ever-changing technology, offers plenty of room for growth, and evolves with the organization. Plus, it will be around far longer than the current PC, server, and network switches.

In essence, a structured cabling system is the lifeblood of the organization. If done right, it will serve you well for years. If not, the organization’s growth and bottom line can suffer.

The importance of structured cabling has increased right alongside the growth of LANs, MANs, and WANs.

It started with individuals working on standalone PCs. It didn’t take long to connect those PCs into workgroups and then to connect those workgroups to a server. One server became multiple servers. And the rest is history. Today’s networks are complex systems running on technologies that no one could have imagined just 15 years ago.

Through a comprehensive Advanced Physical Layer Lifecycle Management (APLLM) services, we help businesses can gain unprecedented deployment, operation and management efficiencies across their voice and data networks. From planning through design, procurement, installation and routine moves, adds and changes (MACS), our services benefit businesses especially when it comes to critical IT infrastructures

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